Getting on board

Route to the ferry - Check-in times - Disabled travellers

Passport and identification

Please note that the authorities regularly carry out checks on travelers to and from Bornholm. It is therefore important to remember passports and any other identification on the trip.

Read more about the temporary border control from Sweden to Denmark at the link below:

Welcome on board

Check-in times

There is room for everyone on the BORNHOLMSLINJEN, and we are looking forward to welcoming you on board one of the world's largest fast ferries.

Here you are able to see check-in times at the port.

Important information regarding Køge Harbour

The area is open in the time period 21.30 - 00.20 p.m.

Personal service is available from 22.00 p.m.

Below you can see the minimum check-in times at the port for BORNHOLMSLINJEN’s ferries.

  • Standard, Flex and Lowprice tickets: 10 min
  • Foot passengers: 10 min
  • Electric Car who have paid for charge on board: 30 min
  • Walking passengers in need of special assistance: 30 min
  • Vehicles over 2.95 meters in height up to 3500 kg: 10 min
  • Lorries, road trains and semitrailers: 30 min
  • Trailers, freight: 30 min
  • Handicap cars for disabled passengers: 30 min
  • Buses: 30 min

Upon later check-in, your reservation will expire. After that, transfer and boarding will take place in the order they become available.

The check-in times are calculated according to the planned departure in the timetable. These deadlines also apply if the ferry is delayed unless otherwise specifically stated in connection with the relevant departure.

Practical information

Disabled cars and passengers with walking difficulties

On BORNHOLMSLINJEN’s ferries, we would like to take special consideration of passengers who are disabled or are walking-impaired. We do so by placing the cars so that there is easier access to the passenger deck.


Tickets for disabled persons
It is possible to buy special tickets for passenger cars for those in the possession of a valid disabled person's parking permit and for pedestrian passengers with a valid companion card for personal assistants for disabled persons issued by the Danish Disability Organisations [Danske Handicaporganisationer], the Danish Association of the Blind [Dansk Blindesamfund] or a similar organisation. If you want to make use of this possibility, please click on the "Disabled persons ticket” tab in the "Select form of transport" step when you book your ticket

There are also special berth tickets for disabled persons and their personal assistants on the Rønne – Køge ferry. Here, please contact us at no later than the day before your journey for reserving berth tickets.

In connection with your journey, you must bring your disabled person’s parking permit and/or companion card and show it to BORNHOLMSLINJEN’s personnel when requested.

Please also check in at the port no later than 30 minutes before departure - then we can find where your car can be placed in the best way with regard to accessing the passenger deck.

People with disabled person’s parking permits are guaranteed the same conditions and service, regardless of whether they buy the special tickets for disabled persons, or book a regular ticket/commuter ticket, and can also contact the shipping company at for a special place on the car deck. If the special places for the disabled on the car deck are sold out, the ticket can be changed or refunded without charge.

The walking-impaired
If you arrive at the port as a pedestrian and need help to get on board, please contact us at no later than the day before your journey. Here, you have the possibility to pre-order and receive free assistance from the ferry and/or terminal personnel to get on board and get off.

If you want help onto/off of the ferry by your own personal assistant, he or she may obtain a temporary boarding card at the ticket office in Rønne, Køge or Ystad. Please note that this service is not available in Sassnitz.

If you arrive at the port as a walking-impaired person in a passenger car and need help be close to an elevator, please contact us at no later than the day before your journey.

In connection with your journey, please check in at the port no later than 30 minutes before departure.

If you have special requests regarding getting on and off the ferry by car, please contact BORHNHOLMSLINJEN at no later than the day before your journey.


There is a charge for hourly parking, long-term parking and parking with security surveillance near the ferry terminal in Rønne. The parking area is located on Bådehavnsvej, near Bornholm's Welcome Centre/Tourist Office.

Please note that parking at Dampskibskajen at FÆRGENs terminal building is an area with a 2-hour limit.

Please note the signs in the port area.

You can find 2-hour parking in front of the BORNHOLMSLINJEN terminal building in Køge. Near Køge Station, there are parking spaces without a time limit. For further information about parking in Køge, please refer to the municipality's website. Click on the link above to find information about the parking possibilities at the ferry port in Køge.

In Sassnitz, both short and longterm parking facilities are available. The passenger terminal is within walking distance of the car park. Directly at the passenger terminal a drop off/pick up zone is accessible via the car park and free of charge for 30 minutes. Information about parking fees and payment options can be found here.

For a fee, there is a long-term parking lot at Spanienfararegatan, the ferry terminal and at the service centre at Hamntorget. There is a short-term parking lot at Hamntorget. There is also a carpark in Ystad city.

You can find information on prices, parking hours and parking lots at Ystad Municipality website. Click on the map above to see where the parking lots are located in Ystad Ferry Port.

Ystad Municipality

Line 106

Free bus in Køge

Did you know that there is a free bus service between Køge Station (Østre Banevej) and BORNHOLMSLINJEN in Køge?

Line 106 is just a 10 minutes ride, and matches the ferrie's departure and arrival.

Welcome on board!

The buses are available at the same time every day of the week

Departure from Køge Station at 00.05

Departure from BORNHOLMSLINJEN at 22.45


Find your way to the harbour

Baltic Kaj 1 4600 Køge, Denmark

Im Fährhafen 20 18546 Sassnitz, Germany

Bornholmsgaten 1B 271 39 Ystad, Sweden

Foot passengers for all destinations: Dampskibskajen 5, 3700 Rønne

Traveling by car for Ystad: Sverigesvej 1, 3700 Rønne

Traveling by car for Køge/Sassnitz: Tysklandsvej, 3700 Rønne