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Restrictions when travelling to Bornholm

Restrictions when travelling to Bornholm

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Boarder control in Sweden

Sweden has temporarily closed the boarder between Denmark and Sweden. Passengers to BORNHOLMSLINJEN’s ferry between Ystad and Rønne can travel through Sweden in transit. This means travelling directly to or from the ferry in Ystad without any stops on the way.

At the Danish/Swedish boarder all passengers from or to BORNHOLMSLINJEN in Ystad need to document that they are only travelling through Sweden to get to or from Bornholm.

Valid documentation is:
• A ferry ticket to BORNHOLMSLINJEN Ystad-Rønne
• A ticket or BroBizz to the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, Øresundsbroen

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Can I travel to Denmark?

Find recent information of entry into Denmark on the official Danish COVID-19 website. The site is in English.

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Entry into Denmark

Negative test for transit through Sweden

From 6 February 2021, you will need to present a negative COVID test if you are travelling with BORNHOLMSLINJEN between Ystad and Rønne.


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We have adjusted the capacity on each departure - and that means that there is room if it is important to get a seat with a little distance. Here the crew can always help.

We would be grateful if you would follow our general advice on preventing infection and show consideration for your fellow passengers on the crossing.

We still make every effort to keep things very clean on board our ferries, and we disinfect surfaces. We have also set up signs to remind everyone of our good advice. We help you help each other.

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New and fully flexible ticket

A new ticket is now available on your travels with BORNHOLMSLINJEN: Standardplus.  

With a Standardplus ticket you can change or refund your ticket up until departure. Both is free of charge. 

You will also board the ship faster and get access to our lounge. 

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If you have a particular need to protect yourself from COVID-19, we have made an exception and are allowing passengers to stay in their vehicles during the crossing.

You can stay in your vehicle if you are ill or suffering from COVID-19 or if you are in a special risk group due to your age or state of health.

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Rønne - Sassnitz is temporarily suspended

The route between Rønne on Bornholm and Sassnitz in Germany is suspended from November 1 until April 20 2021.

The next ferry between Sassnitz and Rønne departs on April 21.

Visit Bornholm - prices start at just DKK 99,-

It has never been cheaper to get to beautiful Bornholm. You can visit this gem in the Baltic Sea at prices from just DKK 99,-.

Experience a very special piece of Denmark, and let BORNHOLMSLINJENs fast ferries take you to Bornholm.

We look forward to seeing you on the world's largest catamarans.


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